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Paramedical Tattoo

From: $250*

Medical Pigmentation 

No charge for consultation 

From $250  


 $500     Areola / nipple may require 2-3 sessions . Also both areola might benefit.


(A rebate may apply for some breast reconstruction, post surgery).Cash or Bank Transfer accepted.


  •  Paramedical Tattoo can enhance the outcome of a post surgical treatment.

  • Often in consultation with a Medical Practitioner or Specialist.

  •  Paramedical tattooing can be beneficial for camouflage of scars, burns, depigmentation or vitiligo (the loss of natural pigment).

  •  Over a series of treatments micro needles can stimulate our own body’s cells by releasing collagen to repair the skin.

  • Corrective Pigment camouflage is often introduced to help restore lost skin colour or to reduce the visibility of scars. 

Nipple / Areola Paramedical Tattoo is a restorative procedure, often after breast reconstruction surgery and is sometimes seen as the final touch. 3D pigmentation gives the illusion of a natural areola and nipples can sometimes appear more symmetrical. This procedure could also be considered after an accident, breast  surgery or gynecomastia.

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