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From: $560


(We offer Micro blading or feather , Ombre or shading technique, or a combination of both.)

For all brow treatments, allow 2hrs.

+ Don't cancel the rest of your day, though - 

There's No Down Time After The Appointment


+ A retouch is offered 4-6 weeks after the brow tattoo to make any necessary minor adjustments - $140      

+ On-going brow appointments, 12-36 months. from $200.

We offer Micro blading or feather , Ombre or shading technique, or a combination of both.


Microblading technique is carefully planned and customised to suit each individual’s facial features.


  •  Hand etched and coloured to create hair-like strokes to give a natural appearance.

  •  Microblading longevity varies, generally lasting between 1 and 3 years. This varies depending on the client’s lifestyle, exposure to sun and the skin’s resistance to the pigment.

  •  Gap Correction due to scarring, Alopecia/Areata (hair loss) can also benefit from Micro Pigmentation. 


Ombre technique is a machine tattoo used to give a powdery soft shading effect. It can also be used in combination with micro blading to give a fuller brow.

Ombre is also a good choice for a more defined eyebrow design, particularly suits an oily skin type.

Gap correction, due to loss of hair, and Alopecia total hair loss can benefit from brow pigmentation.

Correction of an old cosmetic brow tattoo, can be considered. Consultation appointment prior to booking.

Written Information will be given before and after any treatment. 

Post treatment, how to care for your tattoo, instructions and complimentary emollient to be used while the skin is healing.

Between 4-6 weeks after the initial procedure a 2nd tattoo is offer to complete the brows. 

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